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Are you ready to change your life? GoE MODERN Energy Trainers Program 2017

In just 70 days time, the first ever official Guild of Energists MODERN Energy Trainers Program will take place at The View Hotel, Eastbourne, and we invite you to sign up for this unique and amazing opportunity.

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Posted Mar 24, 2017

MODERN Energy Healing - Energy Healing For The Energy Body

There is a tremendous amount of confusion on the topic of "energy healing."

Many believe that energy healing is entirely delusional and that those who practise it are at best incapable of rational, logical thought, and at worst, nothing more than snake oil salesmen who promise healing to the desperate which never materialises.

This sad state of affairs has come about because traditional or classic "energy healing" was always focused on the physical body - to try and heal the physical body of physical maladies.

Posted Mar 23, 2017

World Seniors Snooker Championship 2017 - Preview

Seven-time Crucible champion Stephen Hendry will be looking to earn a place at the World Championship qualifiers as he competes against other legends at the World Seniors Snooker Championship this week at The Baths Hall, Scunthorpe.

Posted Mar 21, 2017

The Trauma Trap

Why the endless chasing of trauma will not make your life any better in the long run, and what to do to escape from the trauma trap. 

Posted Mar 20, 2017

Turkish EFT Trainer helps Children with Autism

We were very excited to learn that Turkish Modern Energy Trainer Hayat Etingü‎ has taken Energy EFT into an Autisic and Mental Health School, and made a huge difference.

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Posted Mar 17, 2017

EFT reduces Anxiety and Improves Communication Skills

In a recent study highlighted in The Journal of Social Work Education, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) was used as a tool to help reduce apprehension and anxiety, for those in an environment prone to situations provoking anxiety, and negative performance.

Findings report that EFT significantly reduces distress and anxiety, and notes that participants found EFT calming, relaxing and helpful. 

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Posted Mar 17, 2017

Art Hands - Healing Artist's Hands Energy Exercise

Do your hands need energy healing? Do they carry old injuries and memories that transmit today in the strokes of the brush, the pen? If our art hands were fully restored, fully in flow, would our lines be smoother, would we make our mark with more confidence ...? Find out with this energy healing exercise for the artist's hands ... 

Posted Mar 17, 2017

New GoE Course - Modern Energy Healer

The Guild of Energist are very excited to introduce a brand new course, The Modern Energy Healer. This course has been created by Silvia Hartmann, President of The Guild of Energists and will be presented to you by International Energy Trainer, Sandra Hillawi.

This course will launch with a "Hands Of Power" Weekend Experience, at the beautiful Sedgewick Park in rural west Sussex, UK!

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Posted Mar 16, 2017

Introducing Turkish Member Support Manager

The GoE is very pleased and excited to announce that Cumasiye Özgür is our new Turkish Member Support Manager. 

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Posted Mar 15, 2017

Welcome New GoE Members - February 2017

Congratulations to all the new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications over the last month. We are delighted to see our Energy family grow, strengthen and reach further an further around the world.

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Posted Mar 10, 2017

GoE Trainer of the Month - February 2017

Congratulations to Iman Saad for winning "GoE Trainer of the Month" in February 2017!

Also congratulations to our runners up:

Posted Mar 1, 2017

Easter Magic - Magic Spells For Easter, Imbolc and Oestara

In the natural magic calendar, the spring festival is aligned with the spring equinox, around March 21st, called Imbolc. It is the day in spring when the nights and days are the exact same length. The original "Easter" festival was related to Oestara, the goddess of dawn, Eos in Greek and the much older Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of sex, war and fertility. The Christians liked to assimilate the existing festivals and now we have Easter, but the traditional magic of  giving each other eggs is bigger today than ever; and of course, we all know what bunnies are particularly well known for! Here are some ideas for energy magic spells for Easter, including the rather fabulous Easter Bunch or Osterstrauch tradition which is excellent for families and a great magic exercise for kids.

Posted Feb 25, 2017

Magic Memes 1

The first collection of Magic Memes - pictures with words on them for sharing to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and so forth about energy magic. 

No. 1 includes: Animal Power Game - Magic Word Search - The Heart Position - Law/Rule of Three - Love Force - Magic Hands - Out with the Old - Blue Moon Spell - Winter Solstice Spell - Let Magic Flow - Light A Candle - New Years Spell - Simple Solstice Spell - Thank You Spell - Crystal Gazing 

Posted Feb 25, 2017

The Law of Three (was The Rule of Three)

The law of three is also known as the rule of three. I don't think it's merely a "rule" but more than that, it's a LAW. Like gravity.

Which is why I call it The LAW of three and not the rule of three.

Posted Feb 23, 2017

Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps

Crystal Gazing is a lovely core skill for modern energy magic people. Learn Crystal Gazing For Beginners In Three Easy Steps. 

Posted Feb 23, 2017

Energy Painting: Project Sanctuary 2012 - 2017

Yesterday, I finally finished a work of modern energy art that begun five years ago. It's an energy painting called "Project Sanctuary" and was done with the set up of, "Do whatever you will, dear energy mind!"

Posted Feb 20, 2017

Success on The SUE Scale!

"You could fill not just the Titanic, but also the Olympic and Britannic and hundreds more of their size with the documentation on how humans fail," writes GoE president Silvia Hartmann. "How humans succeed on the other hand has been the mystery of the ages. Very little is known about it, if truth be told."

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Posted Feb 15, 2017

SuperMind - Is it for me?

GoE president Silvia Hartmann writes about her next-level and explorative course SuperMind Master, the follow-up to Project Sanctuary, where you learn to speak the language of the soul and unleash your real SUPER MIND!

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Posted Feb 15, 2017

Happy Valentines! ❤️ Silvia Hartmann's Love EFT

Love was in the air this Valentine's Day and as a gift for one day only, author Silvia Hartmann gave away the full version of her acclaimed book, Love EFT for free! 

Congratulations to the thousands of people who acted fast and are now reading this fabulous and comprehensive book.

How To Read Love EFT by Silvia Hartmann

Love EFT is no longer available as a separate title to purchase as it's now been included in the fully comprehensive 2017 edition of Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann.

We are delighted to announce that Energy EFT including Love EFT now comes as a free special bonus for joining the Guild of Energists. The price is just £30 GBP (approx $38 USD) for the year, it only takes five minutes and you'll receive Energy EFT (including Love EFT), access to the support forum and many other bonuses throughout the year. Signup here:

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Posted Feb 13, 2017

Favourite Photographs

A collection of favourite photographs. Once in a while, interesting things happen when you do photography. I shall be adding to this as I go along.

Posted Feb 12, 2017