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Easter Magic - Magic Spells For Easter, Imbolc and Oestara

In the natural magic calendar, the spring festival is aligned with the spring equinox, around March 21st, called Imbolc. It is the day in spring when the nights and days are the exact same length. The original "Easter" festival was related to Oestara, the goddess of dawn, Eos in Greek and the much older Babylonian Ishtar, the goddess of sex, war and fertility. The Christians liked to assimilate the existing festivals and now we have Easter, but the traditional magic of  giving each other eggs is bigger today than ever; and of course, we all know what bunnies are particularly well known for! Here are some ideas for energy magic spells for Easter, including the rather fabulous Easter Bunch or Osterstrauch tradition which is excellent for families and a great magic exercise for kids.

Posted Mar 20, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Helen Ryle

Group photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with the GoE's Helen Ryle, which took place Tralee. Co. Kerry, Ireland, 24 February 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Mar 19, 2018

What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy in a nutshell - Modern Energy explained.

Posted Mar 19, 2018

Modern Stress Management Foundation with Auk Murat

Group photo from the Modern Stress Management Foundation training with the GoE's Auk Murat, which took place Kualalumpur, Malaysia, 18 March 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Mar 19, 2018

GoE2016 - P11 - Sparkle to Success with Susan Kennard

59 min video presentation by Susan Kennard on "Sparkle to Success" plus PDF handout to download.

It's important to clear any feelings of disconnection to our purpose. When we have traumatic events or perceptions of belief that tell us we are not safe, loved or protected, then we close down a little bit of our heart.

I will share with you my journey through adversity to success, and take you through one of my favourite processes to release the first moment in your life that you felt disconnected to source, the universe, and to your inner guidance.

In this transformative presentation, you will leave feeling excited, free, and most of all, full of sparkle!

Posted Mar 16, 2018

"My Life In Art" Story Board Exercise

Telling a story in pictures and in words to make the energy align and both tell the same story, broadcast the same energy, is a wonderful thing. Here is an example story board exercise, "My Life In Art." 

Posted Mar 16, 2018

Shine Like the Star You Are

In this Special Report, Modern Energy Speaker and GoE Trainer Wendy Fry, takes you on a journey to discover the fountain of knowledge, wisdom and abundance you have within.

Please note that this is a GoE Special Report and basic knowledge of the theory and practice of Modern Energy is required.

Posted Mar 13, 2018

Project Sanctuary: First Sanctuary with Silvia Hartmann

Project Sanctuary is easy, and fun. In this straightforward, friendly 14 minute free meditation, GoE President Silvia Hartmann guides you through the process of setting up a "first Sanctuary". Use this a number of times, then join up the habitats!

Posted Mar 12, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Ber Collins

Group photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with the GoE's Ber Collins, which took place Limerick/Clare, 10 March 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Mar 10, 2018

GoE2016 - P10 - Creating A Fertile Mind and Body with Aisling Killoran

59 min video presentation by Aisling Killoran on "Creating A Fertile Mind and Body" plus PDF handout to download.

With one in six couples experiences difficulty in conceiving it can be a stressful time for couples and this could affect their chances.

Posted Mar 9, 2018

Pony Power! - Modern Energy and Horses

GoE Member Support Manager Zoe Hobden writes about her experiences of using Modern Energy techniques, including Modern Stress Management, in working with horses.

Posted Mar 8, 2018

GoE Trainer of the Month - February 2018

Huge +10 CONGRATULATIONS to Ukraine's Katerina Kalchenko for winning her maiden GoE Trainer of the Month for February 2018!

A big "Well done!" also to our runners-up:

  • 2nd Place - Nimet Ă–zkan
  • 3rd Place - Aynur Apaydin

Posted Mar 7, 2018

Bralon Taplin uses Energy Tapping at IAAF Indoor Championships

Grenadian sprinter Bralon Taplin was seen once again using energy tapping before the start of the 400m heats at the IAAF World Indoor Championships Birmingham 2018.

Watch the video...

Posted Mar 6, 2018

GoE Modern Energy Trainers Course 2018 - One Hundred Days to go!

This course is an intensive, transformational and complete modern energy teacher training program designed by Silvia Hartmann.

Over seven days you'll ...

  • Become qualified and gain the confidence to teach a wide range of GoE courses: Modern Stress Management Foundation, Modern Stress Management Professional, Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, Modern Energy Tapping Professional, Energy in Motion Master Practitioner & Modern Energy Coach
  • Learn how to build a successful and profitable training business
  • Be inspired by special guests and experts
  • Gain confidence in public speaking and group leadership
  • Join an international network of modern energy teachers and trainers

Wendy Fry GoE Trainer"A fabulous seven days of experiential learning and playing with energy. 

"Ever evolving as an energist this training will take you and your business to the next level. With the added advantage of Modern Stress Management, Modern Energy Coach and EMO Energy In Motion, The Guild of Energists courses are leading the way in creating energy solutions to combat stress and not only that taking you, your clients, your trainings, your relationships, your personal development and business through the roof.

"Your future aspect is ready to take this training, don't keep them waiting."

Wendry Fry, GoE Trainer

The next GoE Energy Trainer intensive course will take place at The View Hotel, Eastbourne UK, on June 11-17 2018 and we will finalise trainer, guests, and the schedule details by 1st February 2018.

For further information and to register:

Posted Mar 3, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping in Coaching

GoE Trainer, Modern Energy Coach and Author Jorge Vence talks of how Modern Energy Tapping was the cataylst that took his coaching skills to a whole new level. To quote him " I can honestly say that the moment I learned Modern Energy Tapping was one of the best in my life, not only did I get so much value at a personal level but what it enabled me to do for others, that alone is PRICELESS". 

Want to learn more about what Modern Energy Tapping can do for you and your clients, read on.....

Posted Mar 1, 2018

Energy Tapping: 1st Choice for Treating Complex Mental Health Issues

A scientific study has concluded that an energy tapping method is an appropriate primary choice to treat complex and co-occurring symptoms such as PTSD, Anxiety and Depression.

This study was based on participants attending five two day group workshops. The results were analysed both directly after the last workshop and also six months afterwards.

Results concluded that group treatment is cost-effective, long lasting and efficient, and the efficacy of energy tapping in groups indicates the utility of the technique.

Posted Feb 27, 2018

Past, Present & Future

My homage to opalised ammonites in very modern materials - the Past, Present & Future piece of Modern Energy Art.

Posted Feb 26, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping & Angels

Author and Energist Susan Browne talks about how Modern Energy Tapping and her connection with Angels joined forces with amazing results, including her book Angel EFT. Learn how connecting with the Angels using Modern Energy Tapping can raise your energy, and your vibrational frequency.

Posted Feb 23, 2018

Energy for the Enforcers - Energist Case Story

GoE Trainer İpek Şekerdil shares with us her experiences of presenting and demonstrating GoE modern energy techniques to police staff in Turkey.

Read on for the full article...

Posted Feb 22, 2018

The Energist - Vol 2018.5.1 - The Power of the Positives

Winter 2018 edition of The Energist magazine.

Available to read online on smart phones, tablets and in browsers, plus also the option to download as an Adobe PDF file for printing out at home or for use with translation tools.

Posted Feb 20, 2018

GoE2016 - P09 - Angel EFT for Success & Abundance! with Susan Browne

56 min video presentation by Susan Browne on "Angel EFT for Success & Abundance" plus PDF handout.

When we use Energy EFT we naturally create an easier connection with the angels, who are always happy to assist us. When we bring the angels into our Energy EFT practise the possibilities for healing and manifesting magnify. In this talk I will teach you how to do Angel EFT tapping, and how to apply it to your success and abundance levels.

When our vibrational frequency is attracting success and abundance we are experiencing these, similarly we can repel them if we are in a lower vibration. I will also demonstrate how to get the angels on board to align yourself into attracting that which you desire.

Posted Feb 16, 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018 - Nine Months to go!

Big E - GoE

We'll be returning to sunny Eastbourne (UK) this November for the GoE Energy Conference 2018! The dates of the main conference itself are:

November 10-11 2018

More details about the GoE Energy Conference, including pre/post conference courses, presenters etc, will be revealed in the months leading up to the conference! For more information, head to the conference website:

Posted Feb 13, 2018

Is Ding the Most Talented Player Without a World Title?

Chinese snooker sensation Ding Junhui is one of the sport's most decorated players but he has yet to lift the biggest prize yet in his career, the World Championship.

Posted Feb 12, 2018

Modern Stress Management Foundation with Wendy Fry

Group photo from the Modern Stress Management Foundation training with the GoE's Wendy Fry, which took place Sutton, Surrey, UK, 10 February 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Feb 10, 2018

Off Work With Stress And Anxiety - Modern Energy Tapping Case Story by Helen Ryle

Experienced GoE Trainer Helen Ryle from Ireland has provided this detailed three week case story about her experience using Modern Energy Tapping with her client "Brenda" who had been put on sick leave by her GP for stress caused by work-place issues.

Helen writes: "We used only MET tapping with the focus on positives, and what is needed to help the client now and past aspects. No delving into traumas or past events, and this approach worked beautifully for my client."

Posted Feb 9, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping for Success in Business

Join Wendy Fry, Modern Energy Trainer and Small Business Coach in this special report and discover how Modern Energy Tapping can take you and your business to new levels of success.

Having been a sole trader in her own business for close to ten years Wendy shares honestly the wisdom and learning she has gained along the way as well as strategies you can use to take your life and your business to new heights. Hindsight is a wonderful thing and Wendy's aim is to show you the shortcuts to achieving and reaching your full potential.

Posted Feb 9, 2018

Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan’s Greatest Achievements

Ronnie “The Rocket” O’Sullivan is quite simply the greatest player to ever pick up a cue. This is obviously high praise for anyone but you’ll be hard pressed to find anyone in the entire world who disagrees with you, and if they do, they are wrong.

Posted Feb 9, 2018

Mark "Pistol" Allen Targeting Crucible Glory

Mark Allen has set his sights on a famous victory at the upcoming World Championship after beating Kyren Wilson to claim The Masters. He became only the third Northern Irishman in history to win The Masters, following in the footsteps of Alex Higgins and Dennis Taylor. 

Posted Feb 8, 2018

Finding the River: Guided Meditations and Healing Techniques

Four exquisite full-length guided meditation tracks by GoE member Sally Topham.

Meditation is a perfectly natural practice. You’ve almost certainly experienced the peace that comes from contemplating a beautiful view or sunset, stroking your cat, or feeling the warm sun on your body as you listen to waves lapping on the shore. That’s a form of meditation.

This series of guided meditations and healing techniques inspired by the Finding the River book, which is also available in the 🏫 GoE Library, is designed to ease the chatter of the mind and help us relax into a more tranquil space within ourselves.

Posted Feb 7, 2018

Three Changes to make the Crucible less "boring" after O'Sullivan slam

The World Snooker Championship at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre remains the green baize sport’s showpiece event, but has the format grown a little stale? Five-time winner Ronnie O’Sullivan certainly thinks so after blasting the tournament as “boring”. The Rocket recently indicated on social media he could miss the end-of-season event to film a pool TV show, Hustle, in Australia.

Posted Feb 7, 2018