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Dragon Story

"Tell me a story," she said ...

Posted Nov 23, 2015


A heart felt THANK YOU is one of the most powerful blessings. Here is the "Thank You" spell. Practice this often, do this often. It has powerful positive effects on your incarnation.

Posted Nov 14, 2015

Genius Symbols - Show Us Yours!

A central aspect to working with the Genius Symbols is to make one's own symbol set, out of materials that one feels drawn to, and to inscribe the symbols oneself according to the instructions.

This makes any Genius Symbol set unique to the owner, and of course, the owner can make as many different sets at any time they want, as the symbols are free from any object, but can be applied to any object.

Here are some examples of every day symbol sets readers have sent in.

Posted Nov 13, 2015

Historic Higgins Claims 28th Ranking Title In Daqing

John Higgins has won the 28th ranking title of his career at the International Championship in Daqing, China, beating surprise finalist David Gilbert 10-5.

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Posted Nov 1, 2015

International Championship 2015 - Preview & Predictions

Preview and predictions from the biggest professional snooker tournament of the season so far, the 2015 International Championship in Daqing, China. 

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Posted Oct 9, 2015

Funeral Poem For An Artist

Go on with the day, go on with the night, enjoy the riches life has to offer ...

Posted Sep 29, 2015

Spell To Break Up My Son & His Girlfriend?

Jontha wrote: "I have the following problem. My son is 15 and he goes out with a girl aged 21. I consider that their relationship is not ok. My question is: can I use the ,,cutting the ties that bind us'' spell to influence somehow their separation, or isn't fair from me to get involved? And a silly question: if it is fair and I can do it without breaking universal laws, can I use green string instead of red? [for the moment, I don't have red string in the house]. Thank you for reading me and many blessings to you!!"

Posted Sep 4, 2015

Shanghai Masters 2015 - Carter Falls To Grace

The Shanghai Masters qualifiers took centre stage in the Barnsley Metrodome this week, with 16 places up for grabs for the final stages at the Shanghai Grand Stage, China. The big shock was former Shanghai champion Ali Carter falling to a 5-3 defeat at the hands of David Grace.

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Posted Aug 11, 2015

Soul Protection - Ancient Guardians

Of all the spells on Magic Spells & Potions, this protection spell evocation has had the most grateful feedback. It was tucked away in the "protection against psychic attacks" section but The Ancient Guardians deserve their own space so those who need protection against the dark magic can find them.

Protection spell song against magic attacks, dark magic, black magic, to keep a young soul safe - The Ancient Guardians by Starfields.

Posted Aug 5, 2015

Magic Hands

Magic Hands - Happy Hands, Hands of Power - is an example of a practical spell to empower us. The more advanced in magic you are, the more you can do with this; but it's a great piece of energy magic for kids as well.

Highly recommended!

Posted Aug 5, 2015

The Love Spell To Become More Loveable And To Be Loved: The STAR Spell

Starfields writes: Today, someone asked: "How can I change everyone to love me using love spells?" This is a common request we receive here. "I need a spell to be more loveable!" - "Do you have a spell so I can find love?" - "Is there a spell to be more popular?" 

Yes, there is - THE STAR SPELL. It's a proper energy magic white light spell, not a fantasy. If you really want more love in your life, here it how you do that ...

Posted Jul 12, 2015

A Spell To Deal With A Poisonous Secret

Mary wrote: "About a week ago, a friend confided in me, told me this horrible thing and swore me to secrecy.

"Ever since I've been feeling sick to the pit of my stomach, having nightmares, it's horrible - can you help? Is there a spell for this?"

Posted Jul 7, 2015

Australian Goldfields Open 2015 - Jones To Make Semifinals Debut

Welsh player Jamie Jones has reached the semifinals of a ranking event for the first time, beating countryman Michael White 5-4 in the quarterfinals of the Australian Goldfields Open in Bendigo. John Higgins, Stephen Maguire and Martin Gould have also progressed.

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Posted Jul 3, 2015

China B Storm To Victory At The Snooker World Cup 2015

The China B teenage duo of Zhou Yuelong and Yan Bingtao have won the Snooker World Cup in Wuxi, beating the experienced Scotland team of John Higgins and Stephen Maguire 4-1 in the final to take home the £130,000 first prize.

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Posted Jun 21, 2015

Snooker World Cup 2015 - Scotland & Wales Reach Semis

Team Scotland (John Higgins & Stephen Maguire) and Wales (Mark Williams & Michael White) have both progressed to the semifinals of the Snooker World Cup 2015 in Wuxi, China. 

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Posted Jun 20, 2015

Snooker World Cup 2015 - What To Expect From China

The Snooker World Cup returns for the first time since 2011 and China is set to host the prestigious event. Snooker is incredinly popular in China and there are a number of high profile Chinese players who shall be involved in the tournament, including 2011 winner Ding Junhui.

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Posted Jun 7, 2015

Magic Mirror Poem

A true magic mirror - a gift in poetry.

Posted Jun 1, 2015

Poem: Dream On

One of the most important functions of poetry is to keep us reminded of the other realms, the higher realms, beyond the stress and chaos of the day. It's like going to church but you don't have to get dressed up and sit around uncomfortably for hours on end - with a simple poem, you can get there whenever you want, or need to ...

... be reminded ...

Dream on ...


Posted Jun 1, 2015

Missing Events - Events Psychology Article

In this Events Psychology article, AMT EFT Master Practitioner Kirsten Ivatts explains that missing events can do even more damage than the ones that happen to you. This article was first featured in the Spring 2015 (Vol.2 No.2) edition of The Energist magazine.

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Posted Jun 1, 2015

Australian Goldfields Open 2015 - Qualifiers Preview

Preview of the Australian Goldfields Open qualifiers at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley, England. Former world champions Ken Doherty, Peter Ebdon and other tops players including Martin Gould and Ali Carter are all in action next week at the qualifiers.

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Posted May 30, 2015