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A Magical House Warming Gift Idea For Every Budget : The Celtic House Warming Snail

* This is a repost of an article I wrote for a magazine in 2005.*

Let's bring more MAGIC into the boring every day with a wonderful gift for any home - the Celtic House Warming Snail. Protection, safety, good luck and MAGIC itself, and you don't need a lot of money to make a super gift for the home that will be loved and appreciated. 

Let's talk about MIRACLES!

We all hope and pray for MIRACLES - but what are they? And how do we get to have more of them? Let's talk about MIRACLES - the Modern Energy Way.

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Elif Arıkan Dön

Congratulations to Begüm Arıkan, Rukiye Bozdağ, Havva Bulut, Hacer Okur Özgan, Mukaddes Sessiz & Dilek Ünver! Their trainer writes: "Harika ve keyifli bir etkinlikti.Birlikte olumsuz duygularımızı dönüştürerek iyileşme yaşadık. Bu imkanı bize sağladığı için Teşekkürler GoE,Silvia .Sandra ve Cumasiye cok cok teşekkürler:)" Read the report from the online Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with Elif Arıkan Dön, 13 October 2021. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

🔔 Energist Trainer Course - NEW Date Announced


This nine-day online training, created by GoE president and training director Silvia Hartmann, will give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed as a trainer and teach most GoE Modern Energy courses to the next generation of energists. If you want fulfilling work, helping people while working from home in today's uncertain times, then this is the course for you.

GoE Online Conference 2021 - One Month to go!

ℹ Find Out About The Conference - Click Here

If you fill your mind to overflowing with beautiful things, there can be no room left for doubt

One of my favourite quotes of all time! Where it came from, what it means, how we can use the idea to raise our energy average. #quote #happiness #selfhelp #modernenergy Get the basics of Modern Energy free here: Check out Star Matrix:

A Short Poem In Real Time

#shorts I wrote a short poem for the "movie in under a minute" challenge :-) If you liked it, leave it a like, a comment or write a poem back. More poems: #poem #poems #shortpoem #supermind

Star Matrix Foundation & Star Matrix Book Course Review

Absolutely loved this book.

Star Matrix Foundation & Star Matrix Book Course Review

5 stars - Excellent if your stuck in a rut.

We Don't Need A New Religion - We Need The New Science Of Love!

In a recent interview, a person expressed the notion that the absence of God and demise of religion in the Western World is at the root of many of the problems experienced today. They said, "We need a new religion!"

Star Matrix Master with Brenda Dutertre - 9 November 2021 - 8 February 2022

New training date announced: Star Matrix Master with Brenda Dutertre - 9 November 2021 - 8 February 2022 - Saskatchewan, Canada

Energy EFT Master Practitioner with Alexandra Paulino - 14-28 November 2021

New training date announced: Energy EFT Master Practitioner with Alexandra Paulino - 14-28 November 2021 - Lisboa, Portugal

Star Matrix by Silvia Hartmann

This is the Star Matrix book by Silvia Hartmann. Purchase through DragonRising to get immediate access to gain your certificate in Star Matrix Foundation.

Star Matrix Foundation & Star Matrix Book Course Review

This Book is LIFE CHANGING. Once in a while a truly life changing book comes along. Star Matrix is exactly that. Five Stars plus five more.

Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Sandra Hillawi

Congratulations to Tanya Davies & Celine Valantin-Trinquart! Their trainer writes: "Today we completed a delightful MET Pro Training spanning the globe on zoom. Warm congratulations to Tanya Davies, Trainer in Perth Australia and Celine Valantin in Dorset UK.. I had met Tanya afew years ago when we did the first ever marathon Trainers Training (2 weeks) in Melbourne and was so happy to welcome her back into the new courses that we have with The GoE. Tanya who is working in mental health sector is also interested to bring these tools to companies and reignite her training business. Celine has recently qualified in Reflexology and Bowen together with MET Pro and will be..." Read the report from the online Modern Energy Tapping Professional training with Sandra Hillawi, 1-3 October 2021. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

The Making Of The Aspect Angel #shorts

#shorts The whole story is here: on Sunday Live - #sculpture #energyart #angel #angelsculpture

The Angels Are Coming!

An influx of angelic energy - much needed right now, we might say! And the question - what's beyond Star Matrix??? Learn about Modern Energy for free: Join us and help make the world a happier place for human beings:

The Aspect Angel Modern Energy Art Sculpture by Silvia Hartmann

Every so often, my dear Energy Mind sends me something it wants me to make. The Aspect Angel was one of those ...

🥇 Congratulations Burcu Bay Keser!

Congratulations and thanks to Burcu Bay Keser for being the GoE's top trainer last month! Also thanks to our runners up Gulay Gecu and Sandra Hillawi.

The Angels Are Coming

I am currently creating a major project, The Aspect Angel, and the hardest part of that is to wait for things to set and dry. One night, around 3am, as I was tidying up the explosion of glittering triangles, my hands started to make an angel ...

Modern Energy Trainer with Sandra Hillawi - 11 December 2021

New online training date announced: Modern Energy Trainer with Sandra Hillawi - 11 December 2021

Make Your Own Guardian Angel Energy Magic Charm!

Evoke the power of your Guardian Angel and connect more with your Guardian Angel through this simple to make Guardian Angel energy magic charm.

23 Ways To Raise Your Energy Levels by Jorge Vence

Author, Life Coach, Mind Awakener and GoE Energist Trainer Jorge Vence will pass on his infectious zest for life and Energy Raising skills in his book 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels, which is now available for GoE members to read online for free in the GoE Digital Library.

Personal stories and anecdotes will take you on a journey of enlightenment, and a deeper understanding of the importance of raising your energy.

Energy is everything and when we feel happy and energised magical things happen, our stress levels fall and we become everything we wish we could be and more.So how do we unlock this amazing potential? We raise our energy levels!

In 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy, you will be taken through a range of Easy Energy Raising ideas and techniques. Supported by a detailed explanation of the Modern Energy SUE Scale, how to read your energy levels and how to incorporate this into your everyday life.

Suitable for both the Energy aware and those who wish to learn, 23 Ways to Raise Your Energy Levels will change the way you see the world and how you live within it. Gaze at the stars, climb that mountain and dance in the rain. Raise your Energy Levels and feel alive.

Aleister Crowley & His Demon - 4 Star Stories about ENTITIES

Tabula Rasa! - Aleister Crowley & His Demons - Past Life Regression (without trance or hypnosis) - Sir Arthur VS Sherlock Holmes "My personal Star Events have provided the original building blocks for Modern Energy." Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Modern Energy Get into Star Matrix - buy the book! Learn more about Modern Energy for free: Join us and get the Modern Energy Foundation course to get you started right:

Candle Spell - The Essential Candle Spell To Set Your Intention #shorts

#shorts - Learn the essential Candle "Spell" to set your intention for a project, a meeting, a live stream :-) and so much more in 50 seconds! Complete show here: - Magic, Spells & Potions #magicspell #magictip #energymagic #modernenergy *The word for this in Modern Energy is "to make a SET UP." Learn about Modern Energy for free: Join us:

Magic, Spells & Potions On Sunday Live

The "Magic, Spells & Potions" experiment/research project started on May 10th, 2004. It is of course not yet complete, nor could it ever be; it is moving on to the next level of its own evolution. I am excited to find out what will happen next! Here is the Sunday Live Energy Show on the topic of ... Magic, Spells, Potions!

Magic, Spells & Potions

Modern Energy Magic is a fine thing!

GoE2017 - P04 - Workshop Working with Children and Energy with Jacqueline Besseling

This workshop is aimed at strengthening the Explorer team from Jacqueline Besseling's 2016 GoE Energy Conference presentation.

In this presentation, Jacqueline hosted an open workshop, open to all who want to be part of the Explorer adventure, to exchange information, skills and experiences about working with children and Modern Energy, EFT and EMO.

In this workshop we'll be working together to reach more children, and to teach them these wonderful life skills. Jacqueline will do a short introduction and presentation, followed by an interactive exchange of experiences and ideas, with additional short presentations from other contributors. Everyone is welcome to contribute to the workshop, on a first-come, first-served basis, so please get in touch.

~ Jacqueline Besseling is a GoE Trainer, Energy EFT Master Practitioner and Modern Stress Management Professional based in Delft, Netherlands. Jacqueline has had over 18 years experience working with children as a therapist.

GoE2017 - P03 - Pain Relief through Body Messages - Inner Awareness Method (IAM) with Dr. Teresa Lynch

Inner Awareness Method (IAM) is a technique that draws on the consciousness of the body to guide the client to receive the messages hidden in their pain or disease that, when fully embraced, release the pain and allow for healing to happen.What was once pain or disease becomes a point of transformation for the client to live more fully into their own authenticity for a whole and healthy life.

This exciting presentation from Dr. Teresa Lynch will include demonstrations and participant interaction to show both a hands on approach, as well as the ability to use the technique through internet or phone conferencing.

~ Dr. Teresa Lynch is a GoE Trainer and physical therapist who is dedicated to the exploration of mind, body, and spirit healing techniques. Her passion is a result of her own healing from an autoimmune disease.  Author of Stressfish Guide to EmoTrance, and creator of Inner Awareness Method, love is her guide.

GoE2017 - P02 - Beyond +5 Work: Energy Coach Professional with Jorge Vence

An Energy Coach Professional is a resource available to those clients we have helped from the minus side of the scale to the positive, these clients already understand Energy, how it works and we have shown them how to manage their stress by themselves.

Now, we get to help them work on those goals that will most definitely transform their lives and create a new paradigm, taking them from strength to strength and truly living a life they love and Energy rich.

~ Jorge Vence is a GoE Trainer, Harley Street coach, poet and author of "Growing Confident". Jorge has been in the personal development field for almost 2 decades, the worst day of his life was certainly the best day of his life, when he finally awoke to his greatness and discovered his true purpose in life to empower and help stressed people to transform their lives, by growing in confidence and achieving success in their professions so they can fulfil their true potential.

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Alexandra Paulino - 13 November 2021

New training date announced: Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Alexandra Paulino - 13 November 2021 - Lisboa, Portugal

The GoE MONEY!!! Course with Lorna Firth - 20 November 2021

New training date announced: The GoE MONEY!!! Course with Lorna Firth - 20 November 2021 - Scotland, UK

New Worlds

Discovering new worlds both Here & There ... expanding our horizons. What treasures and riches will we find ..?

Little Dragon

The Little Dragon Flying :-)


Lila is the name of a Sanctuary friend who turned up one night whilst I was doodling an anime girl. Here is her story, so far.

Dragon Story Short by Silvia Hartmann told by Lila in 1 Minute

#shorts The "Dragon Story" is a Project Sanctuary (SuperMind) creativity pattern, whereby instead of stuffing a story in from the outside, we let a story unfold from within a person. It came about when a child asked me to tell them a story. I have a billion stories to tell, but so does the child, and I was in the mood to hear a story I had never heard before. So I asked the child, "What kind of story would you love?" - and the child told me. I would offer this basic creativity pattern to the poor stressed people in the mass media production departments, who cannot think of anything new and keep cannibalising old stories in their desperation. This pattern does not consist of asking a random child for a story (although that would work too and help!), but to ask yourself, what story would I like to hear right now? What would have to be in it? What should not be in it? ... and thus generate something real, something personal, something interesting for a change. On the topic of creativity patterns, this one here is also really good fun to try. There's a story to go with it. A story the re-purposers of other people's creative output should hear, at least once in their lives. The original Dragon Story written out in wordywords is here: Project Sanctuary, now known as SuperMind, is one of the four pillars of Modern Energy. Find out more by reading my free eBook r[E]volution - and/or join my fight to bring sense back into the world of human beings and get access to the Modern Energy Foundation course, which includes a session on SuperMind, for free: "People without creativity are angels with broken wings." Silvia Hartmann

The GoE MONEY!!! Course Course Review by Richard Hyams

Richard Hyams writes: "The whole approach is so positive and energizing. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to take their money game to the next level. I do not think there is another course out there like it."

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Fatma Bute

Congratulations to Ayse Batı & Nesrin Copur! Their trainer writes: "We had a pleasant, energetic and healing training with friendly friends. Our new members are coming to touch hearts. Güleryüzlü arkadaşlarla keyifli, enerjik ve şifalı bir eğitim geçirdik. Yeni enerjistler, kalplere dokunmak için geliyor. Sukurler olsun." Read the report from the online Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with Fatma Bute, 10-11 September 2021. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

GoE Online Conference 2021 - Two Months to go!

ℹ Find Out About The Conference - Click Here

My Spark of Inspiration!

#short I was feeling uninspired, then I had a flash of inspiration that made me laugh. I clearly needed a spark of inspiration! So I made one. Still chuckling at this and I haven't really felt uninspired since :-) Isn't art just wonderful? It's MAGIC! :-) More Modern Energy Art MEA at Learn about Modern Energy for free: #inspiration #art #magic #modernenergyart