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The Guild of Energists Course Finder 2017

Here is a list of all certified Guild of Energists (GoE) training courses at a glance, including our popular Energy EFT courses. What amazing things will you learn in 2017...?

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Posted Dec 5, 2016


Have you ever started a painting and then something happened, it didn't get finished, and ended up kicking around the studio for ages?

Well that's happened to me. I've been moving the damned thing hither and tither for at least three years until the moment came and I said, "F ... k it!" ... and went for it!

Posted Dec 4, 2016

Welcome New GoE Members - October & November 2016

Congratulations to all the new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications over the last 2 months. We are delighted to see our Energy family grow, strengthen and reach further an further around the world.

We have been very busy certifying all these wonderful people from as far as Turkey, Egypt, The United States and Indonesia, As well as very close to home with those who made the special journey to come and see us here in Eastbourne (UK), as part of our first ever GoE Conference. Go Energy! Go you guys! Go the big E!

Please congratulate and welcome...

Posted Dec 2, 2016

EFT & Resiliency in Veterans - EFT Studies & Research

This study from The Journal of Science and Healing focusses on the progression of symptoms a group of veterans. The study concludes that as a simple and quickly learned method, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) may be a useful skill for veterans and active-duty warriors.

Posted Dec 1, 2016

Modern Energy On TV With Aynur Apaydin

GoE Trainer Aynur Apaydin shares her story of how she got her own weekly show on Turkish televsion where she talks about helping people with modern energy techniques including Energy EFT and EMO Energy In Motion.

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Posted Nov 28, 2016

Breaking Through The Gold Barrier

This could be my golden period or my golden age ... Nothing shines as bright as real 24k gold. No paint comes close. And I love the way it plays with the light. 

Posted Nov 26, 2016

Crazy Snooker Challenge with Neil Robertson & Mark Selby!

Who needs Funky, Power or Six Reds snooker? Crazy Snooker is where it's at! Watch Betway UK Championship winners Neil Robertson and Mark Selby take each other on in this 9-hole crazy golf inspired snooker challenge!

Watch the videos now...

Posted Nov 25, 2016

2016 Is Record Year For GoE Members

The GoE has seen amazing growth these past few years and now represents over 1,700 energists in 69 countries. A big part of this is because GoE members have been running more events in 2016 than ever before. Infact, twice as many as in 2015 and we've still got a month to go!

"When Spirit and Passion meet the curves are logarithmic!" - Dr Thornton Streeter

Posted Nov 23, 2016

Have you read Silvia Hartmann's controversial book?

Very rarely, a book comes along that has the power to change the way we see the world. Silvia Hartmann's extraordinary and next-level The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution is that book.

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Posted Nov 23, 2016

GoE Energy Conference 2017 - Tickets On Sale!

Tickets for the must-attend energy event of 2017, the GoE Energy Conference, are now available!

Over 100 energists from 12 different countries attended last year's conference, a huge celebration of us officially becoming The Guild of Energists.

Posted Nov 21, 2016

Story Island

One of my favourite "Bonus Paintings" was Story Island (B) and it is true, I could not wait to get the space to create a full size symbol hybrid painting - Story Island. 

Posted Nov 20, 2016

Precious Beyond Price

In 2014, I created an art solutions painting called "The End of The Starving Artist." Two years later, and having enjoyed the energy of that abstract energy art painting in my office every day, tremendously, it was time for an evolution. What next, we wondered? And a phrase from the freshly written artists resume became the answer for the new set up, the "title" - "For me, art was essential for survival, precious beyond price, deeply personal and more beloved than I have words to express."

Posted Nov 20, 2016

"The best conference ever!" - GoE Energy Conference 2016 Report

"The sparkles have settled on the first ever international Guild of Energists (GoE) Energy Conference in Eastbourne, and I can happily say it was the most extraordinary, enlightening and entertaining conference I've ever had the privilege of organising and being a part of," writes GoE editor and conference organiser Stephen Kent.

Read on for the full report...

Posted Nov 17, 2016

The Bonus Paintings

How "finding your style" as an artist can lead to more freedom, rather than less - and some amazing experiences with the Bonus Paintings. 

* This might be useful for artists who are struggling to find their "style," so they can "brand their art" better to achieve better sales. 

Posted Nov 11, 2016

A Spell To Make My Mother Let Me Drive Her Car!

Alright, so at first I giggle when I saw this spell request in the search stats: "I need a spell to make my mother let me drive her car."

But then I got a vision/sension on what kind of spell would do the trick. So here it is! The spell to make a mother let her teenage daughter drive her car :-)

Posted Nov 6, 2016

Symbol Painting In Gold & Blue

This symbol painting in gold and blue was done - wanted to be done! - at the same time I was working on the Big E and the Big Heart of Gold. It probably caused Story Island (B) quite directly, and therefoe Story Island as well. The case could be made that also "Breaking Through The Barrier Of Gold" is directly related to this symbol painting as well. Mysterious, magical - just what a good original energy art symbol painting should be! :-)

Posted Nov 3, 2016

Art Solutions

Modern Energy Art Solutions is when the modern energy artist takes charge of their processes of creativity, and uses them to deliberately create a work of art that is the SOLUTION to a problem.

This puts the artist in charge of what they want to experience in the process of creating a work of modern energy art.

Posted Nov 1, 2016

Spell For Change

Do you want CHANGE in your life? Big change? Have you gotten to the point where everything needs to change because it just can't go on like this any longer? Here is a simple spell for change, without ingredients. 

Posted Oct 30, 2016

The Big E

When the Association For Meridian Therapies became The Guild of Energists, it needed a new logo.

This is the story of the Big E ...

Posted Oct 29, 2016

The Heart of Gold Painting

The Heart of Gold Painting, balancing brother to The Big E, painted for the first Modern Energy Conference in 2016. 

Posted Oct 29, 2016