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Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Saruhan Sari - 6-10 February 2022

New training date announced: Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Saruhan Sari - 6-10 February 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Saruhan Sari - 1-4 February 2022

New training date announced: Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Saruhan Sari - 1-4 February 2022 - Istanbul, Turkey

Star Matrix Master Course Review by Isaac Lim

Isaac Lim writes: "Star Matrix is a must-have for everyone who is seeking to know themselves better as positive beings. It is the ultimate self-development course like no others, as it is based on the resources of your own treasure chest of wonderful Star memories."

Modern Energy Meditations - Re-Defining Meditation For the Modern Age

Taking mini-stress holidays with Modern Energy Meditations is essential for mental and emotional wellbeing. And you don't have to sit in the lotus position for hours or twist yourself like a pretzel to gain the benefits! * Full list of my Energy Meditations plus the "Voices in the Night" vid: * New to Modern Energy? Get 7 Tips for Happiness here: * Join us! #meditation #modernenergy #energymeditation #meditations #mentalwellness #emotionalwellness

Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Gulay Gecu - 12-27 February 2022

New online training date announced: Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Gulay Gecu - 12-27 February 2022

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Gulay Gecu - 5 February 2022

New training date announced: Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Gulay Gecu - 5 February 2022 - Istanbul

Modern Energy Trainer with Sandra Hillawi - 12 March 2022

New online training date announced: Modern Energy Trainer with Sandra Hillawi - 12 March 2022

Star Matrix Masters Course - Take YOUR Life To The NEXT Level (Group 7) - Two Weeks to go!

ℹ Click Here For More Info

The GoE MONEY!!! Course Course Review by Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross writes: "This is a wonderful course for not only raising money energy and creativity but appreciating and creating wonderful energy flows in relationships and life."

Star Matrix Master Course Review by Bilge Yalçın

Bilge Yalçın writes: "I had an amazing time and my energy body filled with all star dust ! I really feel good after the course. It gives me more positive thoughts."

Star Matrix Master Course Review by Nimet Özkan

Nimet Özkan writes: "It was very impressive to reunite with our star memories of a beautiful course and to bring them back to life. If you want to feel like a star and bring out the star in you thanks to Star Matrix, you should definitely take this course."

Star Matrix Master Course Review by Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu

Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu writes: "Since my childhood, I love to watch the star-filled sky and dream. Star matrix was like a stargate to me. I feel that I have found a magnificent treasure full of stars. Everything I need can be so accessible and so fun to reach."

Star Matrix Master Course Review by Elif Arıkan Dön

Elif Arıkan Dön writes: "Thank you Sandra Hillawi very much for helping us get a nice education like Star Matrix. It was a great education. We had wonderful hours by integrating with our Star Memories and future star versions. If we didn't have star matrix education, maybe we would never have thought about these stars. Besides, each of our friends who participated in the training was very special. And I can't wait to tell other beautiful people about this fun and training we felt like a star. To dear Silvia Hartmann, dear Sandra Hillawi and my dear Cumasiye Özgür Thank you for this valuable education with lots of love.. I'm glad I attended."

The Craziest Dog - Why HAPPINESS Matters!

Among my most precious Star Memories are the real moments of enlightenment. They are literally personal miracles, when the world changes and everything is different, everything becomes new. This is the Star Story of the moment when I understood not only just how much HAPPINESS MATTERS, but also the moment when I was set free from all the so called scientific mumbo jumbo about what drives behaviour. One of the most important turning points in my life. This story and many others can be found in "Infinity Creativity," a book an aspect wrote in 2009, as an autobiography. Full Energy Show about Happiness here: New to Star Matrix? Go to for free info and links to premium products. Infinite Creativity: 7 Tips for Happiness Free: #memories #starmatrix #happinessmatters #modernenergy

Star Matrix Master with Sandra Hillawi

Congratulations to Elif Arıkan Dön, Nimet Özkan, Bilge Yalçın & Ozlem Yaltı Kolcu! Their trainer writes: "I am delighted to announce and welcome 4 new Star Matrix Masters ! Congratulations to Bilge in the UK and Elif, Ozlem and Nimet in Turkey. This was the first offering of Star Matrix Master course in the Turkish language taking place online on Zoom 15-16th January. I had planned to teach the course with translation from Cumsiye Ozgur but having come down with covid flu Cumasiye stepped up to take the lead on my behalf and did a great job. Here is the feedback from Cumasiye and the group who are all trainers now qualified to teach this course in their own right. Cumasiye..." Read the report from the online Star Matrix Master training with Sandra Hillawi, 15 January 2022. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Happiness Matters - What is Happiness? - Featuring "The Dance of Happiness"!!!

Our slogan is "Your Happiness Matters!" I know what I mean by that - but does everyone else? Do people even want to be happy? What do we mean by happiness ...? Get 7 Tips for Happiness free here: or really go for it and join us! #happinessmatters #emotionalwellness #mentalwellness #happiness #modernenergy

The Energy r[E]evolutionaries

I wrote a book called r[E]volution because I am of the opinion that we need the Energy revolution, and we need it now. Been having fun with creating cartoons featuring the r[E]volutionaries - in German and in English :-)

Star Matrix Master Course Review by William Taylor

William Taylor writes: "It was a fantastic course, and a wonderful way to significantly leap up the SUE Scale while the outer world is still in chaos. No dogma, no madness, just tapping into the TRUTH that is written in your stars."

7 Tips For Happiness by Silvia Hartmann

A massive thank-you to Silvia Hartmann for making "7 Tips for Happiness" short guide available free-of-charge to anyone.

This freely downloadable eBook is about how to get more happiness and less stress in your life.

No prior experience with Modern Energy techniques is required, making it perfect to share with your friends, family and clients.

  • 🆕 Trainers and Practitioners can now download their own personalised eBook!

Mental Wellness - Energy Nutrition: For You, A Star

Energy Nutrition, aka the care and feeding of our living energy bodies, has everything to do with our mental wellness, emotional wellness and happiness. And what do energy bodies like to eat? What are the energy body's vitamins? Why, it's the Power of the Positives - positive energy forms, which are positive because the energy body reacts positively to these. The first energy nutrition manual was For You, A Star created in the winter of 2002/2003. Much loved for over 20 years now, For You, A Star is perfect to brighten the mood (and enhance our emotional/mental wellness) during the winter days and nights. FREE for all: 7 Tips For Happiness - JOIN US! #mentalwellness #energynutrition #modernenergy #happinessmatters

Star Matrix Professional - NEW COURSE FOR 2022! - One Hundred Days to go!

Click here for full information: ✨ Star Matrix Professional Course Information

Star Matrix Master Course Review by Richard Hyams

Richard Hyams writes: "Amazing experience. I enjoyed this course immensely. I was not anticipating the many variations and applications on the Star Matrix pattern. I believe this course is one of a kind and its ideas are ground-breaking, perhaps revolutionary."

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course Review by Joanna Ritchot

Joanna Ritchot writes: "My training was wonderful. Suzanne Zacharia is a great teacher, kind, patient and experienced. I wasn't expecting to go quite so deep as we did. I was learning the techniques, but at the same time, I was learning about myself. By the end of the course, I felt like we had moved a lot of energy. I had been interested in this for awhile, and it was so nice to actually learn in person! I think my favourite part was learning about aspects and proxy. I had an incredibly powerful experience with my 13-year-old aspect. It was so cool! I also really liked the part about bringing in all sorts of different types of energy. The possibilities are really quite endless, and this is so useful! And I love the simplicity of it! To me, there is never ever again an excuse as to why I can't raise my energy and emotional well-being. I am looking forward to practising what I have learned over the next 6 months before taking the next course. I would love to bring this to others and learn more."

Digital Dreams 2022

The year 2022 is here, and here is the new Digital Energy Art collection!

Star Matrix Masters Course - Take YOUR Life To The NEXT Level (Group 7) - One Month to go!

ℹ Click Here For More Info

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with İpek Şekerdil

Congratulations to Gokce Cicek Mol! Read the report from the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with İpek Şekerdil which took place in İzmir Turkey, 30 December 2021. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Mental Wellness, Emotional Wellness & Star Matrix For 2022 With Modern Energy

It's the 1st Sunday Live Energy Show of 2022! #mentalwellness #emotionalwellness #starmatrix #modernenergy

SIJ Sister Margarita Foley

One of our first foundational members, our dear Sister Margarita Foley, has left her physical body on Friday, 31st of December 2021. Everyone who knew her and met her at our live trainings and conferences will have wonderful memories of her kindness, laughter, brightness of spirit and intense joy of discovery of the spiritual realms, to which her entire life was dedicated in the service of others. We are filled with love and gratitude for your being and the gift that only you would have had to give to all of us here at the GoE.

Healing Art Exercise: From StarFields With Love - Digital Energy Art 2021

Digital energy art is such a gift - infinite possibilities in energy! *When a picture jumps out at you, stop the video and energy tap or EMO the energy.* I'd love to know what you chose and how that was! Instructions for newbies in EMO (Energy In Motion): - Make the picture as big as you can. - Where do you feel this in your body? Show with your hands. - Find the path from where it enters your body all the way through to where the energy flow exists. - Encourage the energy flow with your hands and your attention so it flows FAST all the way in, through and out. - Notice how that makes you feel, and also any thoughts/spontaneous insights you have had. Energy tapping instructions: - Make the picture you've chosen as big as you can. - You don't need to make a Set Up. - Very gently tap each point, breathe deeply, and notice what you can feel where in your body as you do this. - Also notice what thoughts/ideas come to you on each point. - At the end, take the entire energy from the picture you chose into your heart. This is such lovely energy "work," it reaches the parts of us that words don't get to, and it's also brilliant practice for learning more about your own energy body, where the pathways are, and how you can feel them. If you haven't done so yet, please join the Guild of Energists and help us bring love and logic to the world of humans who currently seem to have lost both! Modern Energy Art - mental wellness, emotional wellness and emotional healing in positive, proactive action. #healingart #modernenergyart #mentalwellness #energyexercise #energyhealing

🥇 Congratulations Burcu BayKeser!

Congratulations and thanks to Burcu BayKeser for being the GoE's top trainer last month! Also thanks to our runners up Gulay Gecu and Katerina Kalchenko.

Digital Dreams 2021

Digital Dreams - they come in the night, around 3am, dreaming, drifting, playing in the manifold dimensions ... Now the 2021 collection is complete!

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Fatma Bute

Congratulations to Sema Kelebek & Sumeyye Keşci! Their trainer writes: "2021 in son temel EFT tamamladik Sukurler olsun." Read the report from the online Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with Fatma Bute, 21 December 2021. Click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Life Lessons On Being Yourself & End Of 2021 Reflections

The last Energy Show of 2021 - let's have some light, let's have some fun!

The Star Matrix Christmas Game To Lift Moods & Spirits!

Don't let Christmas get you down! Here are 10 Star Matrix questions you can use by yourself or with friends and family to lift the mood, brighten the spirit and feel better.

Important Message From A Multi-Dimensional Being!

#shorts - An important message from a multidimensional alien being :-) This really is the 101 of Modern Energy! Newbie? Start here with 7 Tips For Happiness: #shorts #truth #modernenergy #knowyourself #animation

Stories Are So Powerful! The Monster in the Park Moment!

I had an amazing moment of connecting 50 years of my life, thanks to a book of stories that was a gift from a person I only saw once in my life. Wow. Star Matrix is amazing beyond words, and I wish you its blessings with all my heart. #powerofstory #starstory #starmatrix #starpeople #modernenergy

🎁 Silvia Hartmann's 7 Tips For Happiness - Our Gift For You!

🎁 Get here: As a massive thank you to all GoE supporters in 2021 we've got a fabulous gift for you... Silvia Hartmann's 7 Tips For Happiness! Be less stressed and have more energy in this concise guide to happiness by Silvia Hartmann. We can all do with extra energy and this practical guide will show you how to have the very best 2022 possible. With our best wishes, The GoE Team ps: Watch this space! We've got many exciting projects scheduled for 2022 including Community Energist and Star Matrix Pro! #Short #mentalwellness #happiness #emotionalwellness #modernenergy

You Are The Gift That Only YOU Would Have To Give!

There has never been anyone even remotely like you, nor will there ever be another you in all times yet to come. Be advised. You are The Gift ... With lots of love and Season's Greetings!

The Energy Course: Modern Energy Foundation Course Review by Jacqueline Sarah Kremansky

Jacqueline Sarah Kremansky writes: "The course was a good value and was interesting to watch. I enjoyed watching it and would recommend it to others."

Star Story: The Dancer - FLOW Through Life!

On today's Energy Show, the Star Story of The Dancer appeared! The whole show here: #starstory #modernenergy #flow #starmatrix #lifewisdom