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Sacred Photography

What is sacred photography? To answer that question we need to go back a little way, to what happens in a magical photography session between the photographer and their subject.


Posted Aug 26, 2016

USA Olympian Devon Allen Appearing To Use Tapping at Rio 2016 Olympics

An eagle eyed viewer spotted USA Olympian Deven Allen doing what appears to be some form of meridian tapping like EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques before his 110 meter hurdles race at Rio 2016 Olympics. EFT is great at releasing stress and building energy before a big race so is used by many for sports performance. Last week, fellow Olympian Bralon Taplin was also seen in a video tapping before a race.

The GoE runs introduction tapping courses and professional grade tapping courses throughout the year world wide, which are also available via accredited distance learning if you prefer to study from home. If you would like a comprehensive E-manual on the subject of Energy EFT, then please do Subscribe to the GoE as this comes as a special bonus for new subscribers.

Thanks to "Reiki Master Nan" for filming this video.

Posted Aug 24, 2016

New Book: Modern Stress Management - The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution by Silvia Hartmann

Announcing the immediate availability of Silvia Hartmann's new book "Modern Stress Management - The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution".

In this extraordinary book, Silvia Hartmann gives us a logical, concise explanation of stress, and the direct road that will lead from stress to success - in business, in work, in our personal lives, and in the end, for humanity at large.

Silvia Hartmann is chair of the Guild of Energists, author of Energy EFT, course director and author of GoE training courses and also is included in the British Libraries compendium "A History of the Book in 100 Books".

  • Special Bonus - subscribe to the GoE before 30th August 2016 and choose the E-manual as your complementary gift - Click Here For Info

Posted Aug 23, 2016

Free Magic Spells App By Magic Spells & Potions

Carry MSAP with you on your phone with our free official Magic Spells And Potions app. Lots of spells at your fingertips plus other handy magical extras. 

Posted Aug 21, 2016

Gold Magic: Money Spells & Potions In 24 Carat Gold

Want some really cool money spells and money potions? Here is a simple but very effective way of creating excellent money spells, super-charging your money spells, making your own prosperity potions by shifting your energetic vibration to become more attractive to money and wealth and feel like a million dollars - and all you need is a little gold ...

Posted Aug 21, 2016

Paul Hunter Classic 2016 - Preview

Preview for The Paul Hunter Classic 2016 in Fürth, Germany. Last year's tournament was won by a resurgent Ali Carter who beat Shaun Murphy 4-3 in the final at the Stadthalle.

Read on for the full preview...

Posted Aug 20, 2016

Video - Rio 2016 Olympian Bralon Taplin appears to use EFT tapping

Here is a video of Granada athlete Bralon Taplin appearing to use EFT tapping as part of his race preparations for the Mens 400m sprint at the 2016 Rio Olympics. EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques and can be used very successfully for releasing sports performance nerves.

Whether you are an aspiring Olympic athlete, want to banish performance anxiety or just would like to learn how to release stress, the GoE runs tapping training courses throughout the year all round the world. We also run fully accredited tapping distance learning courses for people who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Posted Aug 15, 2016

Abstract Art Makes You More Intelligent

It's been said that abstract art "enables the exploration of yet undiscovered inner territories of the viewer’s brain." 

Yes ... abstract art is good for your brain. And perhaps even for your mind ...

Posted Aug 15, 2016

Rose Magic: Roses On My Altar

There's nothing like a red rose for a love spell - or a sacrifice, for that matter.

Here's an example of magic with roses, using the magic of roses for romantic purposes, sexy purposes and in general, to really give a lift to the whole incarnation ...

Posted Aug 13, 2016

How To Break A Love Spell

Brandon wrote: "I am sure a girl has cast a love spell on me. How can I break the spell/break out/break free from a love spell?" Well, that's probably the No.1 spell that witches sell, the world over - the good old love spell when someone suffers from unrequited love pains and doesn't know what else to do. Find out what to do. 

Posted Aug 10, 2016

The Expanded Energy Chart

When we normally see the energy chart (SUE Scale, Energy Body Chart, Pyramid Model in Modern Stress Management), it is linear from -10 to +10. That's an abstraction of a more complex unfoldment.

The big deal, that which has tripped "behavioural science" up from the beginning, is that emergency system which kicks in when energy gets dangerously low at -7.

Posted Aug 10, 2016

Snooker's Coming Home!

In a exciting addition for the 2016/2017 World Snooker tour, a 'Home Nations' series of ranking tournaments will be staged in the UK starting with the new English Open event in Manchester on October 10-16. 

Read on for the full article...

Posted Aug 9, 2016

A Tribute To The StressFish

In 2009, I created The StressFish for a website which was to give people quick anti-stress tips and modern energy based stress information. As is so often the case, the StressFish was years ahead of its time. Things happened, until in 2015 the stress challenge was approached anew with the GoE's MODERN Stress Management programs. In 2016, The StressFish retired (as he was cured of stress and now swims in a life of success!) and the articles transferred to Still, The StressFish was good fun and much loved, so here is ...

Posted Aug 7, 2016

Make Your Own Energy Magic Luck Magnet!

We all want many things in our lives, many changes, want to lead a better life. How can we use modern energy magic to this end? Here's an easy spell or energy magic installation that anyone can do - the Magic Luck Magnet.

Posted Aug 4, 2016

Welcome New GoE Members - July 2016

Here is July's list of new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. July's list is huge, so many training's took place across the globe, giving rise to so many newly skilled Energy workers.

Please congratulate and welcome...

Posted Aug 3, 2016

Stress Free Relationships - Yes, It's Possible!

We are constantly asked, "How can I have a more stress free relationship?" - "What can I do to have less stress in my relationships?" - "My relationship is stressing me out - HELP!"

Now although to have a totally stress free relationship is probably from the realms of fairy tale land, you can SIGNIFICANTLY reduce relationship stress by getting your head around the Energy Body Stress chart. It makes all the difference!

Posted Aug 1, 2016

Comeback Carter Wins World Open Crown

Ali Carter has won his first ranking title in three years and returned to the elite Top 16 by putting in a gutsy performance to beat fellow Englishman Joe Perry 10-8 in the final of the World Open 2016 in Yushan, China.

Read on for the full report...

Posted Jul 31, 2016


EMO Energy In Motion: The EMO Primer. EMO in a nutshell, the 2016 version, plus the essential Laws of Energy.

Posted Jul 30, 2016

Heart Healing - Healing The Heart

The "heart of energy" is the center of our energy body and the true ruler of how we experience life, what we think, and what we do. All major human emotions are "cries from the heart" - joy, love, ecstasy just as well as sorrow, pain, anger and fear. For 12,000 years or more, human beings have unsuccessfully tried to run their worlds via the mind and it has not worked to bring about a true emergence of Even Flow - a harmony of all in mind, body and spirit.

Here is a very simple yet very profound technique for "Healing The Heart" - Heart Healing, a powerful tool for all who seek healing or are actively involved in human actualisation.

Posted Jul 27, 2016

3 Simple De-Stressing Games For Kids

Children are all about PLAY and are not necessarily willing to be ‘therapised’ or sit and talk about their problems for hours. So finding ways to help to de-stress kids, make them feel happy and resolve difficulties that involve play are a great way to make a positive difference to their stress levels, their mood and day.

I’m sharing 3 simple de-stressing games for kids I have used with my children in the past.

Posted Jul 27, 2016