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Ber Collins Radio Interview - Stressed Out Students

Whether you're a student yourself or an anxious parent, waiting for exam results can be a highly stressful time.

Aired on Ireland's Limerick Today radio show, GoE Energist Trainer & Professional in Modern Stress Management, Ber Collins talks about the stress caused by exams on school students and what we can all do to feel better right now with Modern Energy approaches.  

  • Read on to Listen Now to the Full Interview

Posted Aug 15, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Course Review by Julia Lee

Transformative training - powerful energy healing at our own fingertips!

Posted Aug 14, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Kelly Mayne

Photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Professional training with the GoE's Kelly Mayne, which took place Godalming Surrey, UK GU73LN, 10-12 August 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Aug 13, 2018

World-first brain scan research shows 'tapping' effective in combating food cravings

Early findings from a world-first study aimed at scientifically proving a simple 'tapping' technique have shown the method is effective in reducing food cravings.

Bond University Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor Peta Stapleton led the research into Energy Tapping, which is used to treat a number of conditions including chronic pain, obesity, anxiety and stress.

  • 🆕 Watch Aug 2018 TV news report!

Posted Aug 8, 2018

Celebrate World Energy Day with The GoE!

Every year on the 8th August we celebrate World Energy Day, the day we stop for five minutes and just reflect on how how far we've all come since learning about and experiencing all the wonders and joy of Modern Energy!

Read on for more...

Posted Aug 8, 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018 - One Hundred Days to go!

Big E - GoE

We'll be returning to sunny Eastbourne (UK) this November for the GoE Energy Conference 2018! The dates of the main conference itself are:

November 10-11 2018

More details about the GoE Energy Conference, including pre/post conference courses, presenters etc, will be revealed in the months leading up to the conference! For more information, head to the conference website:

Posted Aug 2, 2018

🆕 First THOUSAND Downloads of Modern Energy r(E)volution

Silvia Hartmann's latest title Modern Energy r(E)volution has now been downloaded over a thousand times by people all over the world looking to change their lives with Modern Energy.

Find out more about this launch and how to start reading - takes only two minutes!

Posted Aug 1, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Kelly Mayne

Photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with the GoE's Kelly Mayne, which took place Godalming, Surrey, UK, 28 July 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Jul 30, 2018

Discover The Treasures & Riches Of YOUR Life!

Silvia Hartmann writes: I said to someone the other day, "The amount of times you have accessed negative memories in self help, moments of doubt, therapy, healing, personal development and psychology practice ... is a lot.

"What would have happened if you had accessed your positive memories that often instead?

"When your good memories are indeed, THE TREASURES & RICHES of YOUR life ..?"

Posted Jul 21, 2018

Photos From The BIGGEST Ever Modern Energy Event! 😍

We're excited to announce that the biggest ever Modern Energy training has just taken place, with over a thousand people learning about Modern Energy and Modern Stress Management at the same time!

Posted Jul 20, 2018

GoE Trainer of the Month - June 2018

Huge +10 CONGRATULATIONS to England's Sandra Hillawi for winning GoE Trainer of the Month for June 2018!

A big "Well done!" also to our runners-up:

  • 2nd Place - Maria LiPuma
  • 3rd Place - Saliha Eroglu

Posted Jul 17, 2018

r(E)volution – Your future starts NOW! FREE E-Book From Silvia Hartmann

Yes, it's the r(E)al (E)nergy r(E)volution – the paradigm shift we've all been waiting for, the missing 16.7% of information that finally helps us make sense of reality!

Modern Energy is the key to a whole new world of amazing, high positive experiences that do not only have the power to heal the oldest emotional wounds and scars, but even more importantly, lead us directly to a HIGHER level of thinking, acting, feeling and doing in the real world.


Posted Jul 11, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Course Review by Nancy Walsch

As a practitioner I think this way of Tapping will truly help clients get the results they want.

Posted Jul 9, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course Review by Olga Yakovleva

This course is amazing! It gives deep knowing of how energy flows and how we can raise our energy to live better and more happier life.

Posted Jul 9, 2018

Celebrate World Energy Awareness Day With Us On August 8th!

Join us, and thousands of energists around the world, on August 8th at 8pm, 888, to celebrate and ring in the annual World Energy Awareness Day, energists pride!

Read on for more information about Energy 888...

Posted Jul 7, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional with Maria LiPuma

Photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Professional training with the GoE's Maria LiPuma, which took place Medford, Oregon 97504 USA, 22-24 June 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Jul 4, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Course Review by Lynne Dolan

Maria LiPuma introduced your programs to our community with passion, patience and encouragement. All along the way, this work has been evolving into a wonderful service just in the short time she has been working with us.

Posted Jun 28, 2018

History of all 147's Maximum Breaks in Professional Snooker

There has been 139th officially record professional 147 maximum snooker breaks since Steve Davis's 147 at the Lada Classic in 1982. Let's take a look back at some of these most memorable breaks.

Posted Jun 28, 2018

Simple Snooker Rules Every Beginner Should Know

Snooker is one of the all time best recreational games a person can play yet. The game requires much mental calculation as well as it requires focus, precision and many other physical qualities.

Posted Jun 27, 2018

Play like Ronnie O'Sullivan with these top 4 snooker tips

Earlier this year, Ronnie O’ Sullivan teamed up with the online gaming company Playtech, to bring casino players the first ever online slot game fronted by a professional snooker star. And what better way to celebrate the release of Ronnie O’ Sullivan Sporting Legends than bringing you some top tips for getting started at the snooker table.

Posted Jun 24, 2018


Today, June 22 2018, I was looking for an Art Solution and my energy mind suggested I should do sparkling people on a midnight blue background. So I did. I started at sunrise and finished at sunset. It's a sculpture or an artefact that has a painted background. And it's called AWAKE!

Posted Jun 23, 2018

GoE Trainer Training 2018 Report

Please join us in giving a MASSIVE +10 congratulations to all the trainers who attended the sold-out GoE Trainer Training 2018!

If you were wondering what happens at a seven day intensive GoE Trainer Training then here is your chance. We've uploaded many of the photos and videos from what was a very special week.

We very much look forward to helping these new trainers develop their Modern Energy training businesses, plus have also opened registration for the next GoE Trainer Training in June 2019.

Posted Jun 21, 2018

3 Great Summer Solstice Spells To Do Anytime, Anywhere

Happy Summer Solstice, magical friends! Here are 3 great energy magic activities if you didn't get to Glastonbury this year :-)
The EMO Sun Healer, The Ladder To The Light, and Infinite Sunshine. Enjoy!

Posted Jun 21, 2018

Energy Healer for Animals Course Review by Loretto Cattell

The Energy Healing for Animals Course equips us with knowledge about our energy bodies, an understanding of energy healing, the skills to apply that knowledge with confidence, all supported by sound guidance on business practices.

Posted Jun 20, 2018

Sex In Sanctuary

Special Report by Silvia Hartmann for all members to read free in the library, however prior knowledge of SuperMind, Infinite Creativity and Project Sanctuary is advised.

The most important, most life giving and most powerful energy flow is the 1st Circuitry. It goes straight up and down the centre of the body, connects us to the Universe at large and powers the Heart of Energy as well as every other energy system connected to it. The Sexual Circuitry lies directly on its path, and when there are disturbances here, the entire energy system becomes disempowered and chronically stressed. Repairing the 1st Circuitry by addressing sexual problems in Sanctuary is personal, safe and absolutely delightful. Here is the SuperMind Special Report to Sex In Sanctuary for beginners.

Posted Jun 19, 2018

Modern Energy Trainer Course Review by Wendy Fry

Becoming a Guild of Energist trainer IS the best investment I’ve ever made and it’s always a joy to deliver training's and share these wonderful techniques

Posted Jun 19, 2018

MODERN Stress Management Promo Pack - Flyers, Brochures & More!

The GoE MODERN Stress Management Promo Pack has all the materials you need to start promoting and running your own MSM workshops and courses, including booklets, flyers and high-quality SUE Scale silicone wristbands.

Posted Jun 15, 2018

Silvia's Magic Toys

As I was creating the paintings, I was also creating magic objects - magical tools for magical purposes. It was the exact same process which created both the paintings and the artefacts, and I made the comment on the energy art group that if I was exhibiting, I would exhibit both the paintings and the artefacts as they belong together.

Posted Jun 14, 2018

Magic Box - How To Make A Magic Box

Among the many lovely things we can create to help us do good magic is the MAGIC BOX. Here's how to make and use an energy magic box.

Posted Jun 11, 2018

GoE Trainer of the Month - May 2018

Huge +10 CONGRATULATIONS to Turkey's Dr. Saliha Eroglu for winning GoE Trainer of the Month for May 2018!

A big "Well done!" also to our runners-up:

  • 2nd Place - Aynur Apaydin
  • 3rd Place - Bridin McKenna

Posted Jun 11, 2018