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Greeting The Day, Greeting The Night

This is a beautiful and very moving EMO energy exercise that benefits you in many more ways than you might suspect just yet. Do the exercise for a week and you will begin to know just how much support and sustenance there is for us - simply by virtue of being here.

Posted Oct 20, 2018

Halloween Spell: The Ghost Dance

What better activity for the night of All Hallows Eve than to perform the traditional Ghost Dance?

Here is the Ghost Dance MP3 with instructions to do your own Ghost Dance for Halloween.

Posted Oct 20, 2018

Make A JuJu, Moppet, Poppet or Magic Doll Step By Step

How To Make A Juju. Magic Doll, Basic Poppet Or Moppet -  Moppet Making Made Easy with SFX :-)

You can use the same basic technique with anything, from washing line to jungle vine, from straw to fabric, from metal wire to silk cord, and make your juju, moppet or poppet in any size at all.

Jujus, worry dolls, magic dolls, poppets or moppets have 1001 magical uses, so be inventive!

All my loved ones still have a JuJu on their car mirrors for protection and good luck. Hint!

Posted Oct 19, 2018

The Real Secret How To Become A Millionaire - Video with Silvia Hartmann

Do you want to be a millionaire? Check out these amazing Top 5 Tips from GoE president Silvia Hartmann

Posted Oct 16, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Ber Collins

Photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with the GoE's Ber Collins, which took place Limerick, Ireland, 13 October 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Oct 15, 2018

GoE Modern Energy Foundation Video Course

Modern Energy Foundation is a short course for anyone interested in learning how a wide range of Modern Energy techniques can improve their lives.

In this video series by Silvia Hartmann, you'll discover the history of Modern Energy techniques, EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SM Super Mind Enhanced Creativity, MSM Modern Stress Management and The Energy of Attraction.

Posted Oct 12, 2018

GoE2016 - P20 - Supermind: A New Intelligence For Energists?

For the last 23 years, brave souls have been venturing into Project Sanctuary, the original universal sandbox designed to learn the mysterious, fascinating and enchanting ways of the energy mind.

In this explorative presentation, GoE President Silvia Hartmann will be outlining the journey from Project Sanctuary to SuperMind, what was learned, and discuss what this might mean for the future of modern energy. 

Posted Oct 12, 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018 - One Month to go!

Big E - GoE

We'll be returning to sunny Eastbourne (UK) this November for the GoE Energy Conference 2018! The dates of the main conference itself are:

November 10-11 2018

More details about the GoE Energy Conference, including pre/post conference courses, presenters etc, will be revealed in the months leading up to the conference! For more information, head to the conference website:

Posted Oct 11, 2018

EFT to Energy EFT to Modern Energy Tapping Introduction Video with Silvia Hartmann

Where did Modern Energy Tapping come from? What are the key features of Modern Energy Tapping? How is it different from Energy EFT? Why did Silvia Hartmann become convinced that it was the way forward? These and many other questions are answered in this 20 min introduction to Modern Energy Tapping from the Modern Energy Foundation course with GoE's President Silvia Hartmann.

Posted Oct 9, 2018

How A Child Sex Abuse Survivor Healed 1 MILLION Hearts - Video with Silvia Hartmann

The extrordinary story how a distraught child sex abuse survivor triggered a chain of events that has helped to heal a million broken hearts - so far! - Video with GoE president Silvia Hartmann

Posted Oct 9, 2018

GoE Trainer of the Month - September 2018

Huge +10 CONGRATULATIONS to the UK's Sandra Hillawi for winning GoE Trainer of the Month for September 2018!

A big "Well done!" also to our runners-up:

  • 2nd Place -¬†Katerina Kalchenko
  • 3rd Place -¬†Ilka Wandel

Posted Oct 8, 2018

The Aromatherapy For Your Soul Collection (+ Bless The Garden Video)

Between 2008 and 2010, I was involved in a wonderful project that combined modern energy EMO with energy art pictures, energy mind provided stories and the joy of 121 essential oils in all their glory: Aromatherapy For Your Soul. Recently, we had to replace the old, beautiful handmade html website with a modern mobile friendly version, which brought me back up and close to the project. Here is a video featuring some of the illustrations, and all the stories are at - enjoy. Oh, and do try the Magic Bottle! :-)

Posted Oct 6, 2018

GoE2016 - P19 - Creating Ongoing Mentorship for Your Students

I’ve just trained someone to become a practitioner of modern energy, now what? Many energy practitioners need following up and support to gain confidence as a professional energist. This presentation will provide an opportunity to brainstorm on ideas to bring energists together and provide this ongoing support. 

Dr. Teresa Lynch will also personally present the experience of forming the New Jersey Energy Healing and EFT Meetup Group, topics covered over the past two years, the steps to forming a Meetup group, and the positives and negatives when forming a group. 

Posted Oct 5, 2018

Presenters Announced! - GoE Energy Conference 2018

GoE Energy Conference 2018 preperations are in full swing, and we are thrilled to announce our +10 line-up, including two presentations from GoE president and Modern Energy Tapping creator Silvia Hartmann!

Posted Oct 4, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course Review by Antoinette O Connell

I love is so simple, so easily learnt, so quick and most importantly still so effective. It is wonderful to have such a great tool to utilise at any time of the day to assist in being aware and tuning up my vibrational energy.

Posted Oct 2, 2018

4 Cool Energy Hacks For Procrastination, Anxiety & Self Doubt - Video with Silvia Hartmann

Raise energy FAST with these 4 quick and easy techniques to overcome procrastination, anxiety and self doubt presented by Silvia Hartmann: Heart Healing, EMO Energy In Motion, Modern Energy Tapping & SuperMind's Perfect Place.

Posted Oct 2, 2018

GoE2016 - P18 - Lead Your Business Effectively, Efficiently and Profitably

Using cutting-edge skills from Excel at Business, Jimmy Petruzzi will empower you with the techniques you need to get the best out of yourself, and how to turn your passion and what you love, into a fully-fledged career.

What business are you really in? Do you have a business? What do your clients really want, whether they know it or not? What's your legacy? This presentation will provide you with the answers to all of these, and more!

Posted Sep 28, 2018

New Course: Modern Energy Foundation with Silvia Hartmann

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of the GoE's new online video course, "Modern Energy Foundation" which is being launched at the exceptional price of just £47.95 GBP (approx $63.06 USD).

In just over four hours of video tuition with GoE President Silvia Hartmann, you'll gain practical experience with all the major Modern Energy techniques including:

  • EMO Energy in Motion
  • Modern Energy Tapping
  • SuperMind Enhanced Creativity
  • MSM Modern Stress Management

There is also an extra bonus unit included on "The Energy of Relationships" featuring The Energy of Attraction author Alex Kent. 

Posted Sep 25, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Course Review by Joyce Bunton

I love being a member of GOE and my plan is to focus more fully on sharing its programmes. Silvia has done an amazing job of creating, sharing and updating all of the content. A true inspiration. Thank you.

Posted Sep 25, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Professional Course Review

GoE Trainer Wendy Fry asked her recent students: If you were to recommend this training what would you say and what was the most valuable for you about this training?

Posted Sep 25, 2018

Lemon Magic - The 3 Best Lemon Magic Spells & Potions

Lemon has kick ass bright and beautiful energy and is an absolutely brilliant ingredient for endless spells and potions. Lemon is also available easily, just about everywhere, in many different forms, from fresh lemon to powdered lemon, lemonade, lemon essential oil and all of it is extremely affordable. Here are my top three Lemon Magic spells & potions.

Posted Sep 25, 2018

Modern Stress Management Professional with Wendy Fry

Photo from the Modern Stress Management Professional training with the GoE's Wendy Fry, which took place Sutton, Surrey, UK, 25-26 September 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Sep 25, 2018

GoE2016 - P16 - New Aspects Model, Timelines, Essences and Homeopathy

In this presentation Fiona Dilston covers and explains the use of the new Aspects Model as a way of supporting Homeopathic Treatment. In addition she explains the importance of a Timeline, extremely detailed questioning, and what she calls "digging" for information to get to the root cause of the situation.

Cases will be described to show this methodology in action and how it works along with the use of accurately chosen Homeopathic remedies, or Essences which can be intuited and accessed by means of Essence cards.

Posted Sep 21, 2018

SuperMind Master with Sandra Hillawi

Photo from the SuperMind Master training with the GoE's Sandra Hillawi, which took place Istanbul Turkey, 15-17 September 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Sep 20, 2018

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation with Brenda Dutertre

Photo from the Modern Energy Tapping Foundation training with the GoE's Brenda Dutertre, which took place Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 16 September 2018. Please click through to find out about this event and also to contact the organiser about future events.

Posted Sep 20, 2018

Modern Stress Management Foundation Course Review by Pamela Maughan

I never knew how much fun stress could be! Brenda Dutertre's approach to teaching uses her sense of humour and life experience to teach the many aspects of stress.

Posted Sep 17, 2018

Majesty O'Sullivan Reaches 950 Century Breaks in Shanghai

Ronnie O'Sullivan has further extended the record of most century breaks made in professional events by knocking in a further two to reach 950 total in his semi-final victory against Stuart Bingham at the Shanghai Masters. 

Posted Sep 14, 2018

GoE2016 - P15 - Excel At Sports - Working With Professional Athletes

One of the key factors that impacts on sports performance, is the mental approach athletes take on when competing. Far too often, athletes fall far short of their potential, not through a lack of ability, but because they struggle with the mental aspects of performing under pressure.

In this insightful presentation, Jimmy Petruzzi will share with you some very simple techniques and mental strategies can make a huge difference to an athlete’s success, and help them achieve their dreams.

Posted Sep 14, 2018

GoE Trainer of the Month - August 2018

Huge +10 CONGRATULATIONS to UK's Sandra Hillawi for winning GoE Trainer of the Month for August 2018!

A big "Well done!" also to our runners-up:

    • 2nd Place -¬†Nimet √Ėzkan
  • 3rd Place -¬†Dr. Saliha Eroglu

Posted Sep 12, 2018

How A Child Sex Abuse Survivor Healed ONE MILLION Hearts!!!

As of today, Silvia Hartmann's "Heart Healing" Meditation has been downloaded one million times. One million hearts of energy were touched. Here is the extraordinary story of Modern Energy's core technique, The Heart Position, which has helped so many people all around the world, and how it came to be.

Posted Sep 11, 2018