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Genius Symbols - Show Us Yours!

A central aspect to working with the Genius Symbols is to make one's own symbol set, out of materials that one feels drawn to, and to inscribe the symbols oneself according to the instructions.

This makes any Genius Symbol set unique to the owner, and of course, the owner can make as many different sets at any time they want, as the symbols are free from any object, but can be applied to any object.

Here are some examples of every day symbol sets readers have sent in.

Posted Oct 16, 2014

Genius Explained: How To Be A Genius For Real

What Does It Mean To Be A Genius? What is "The Genius Mind"? What is the definition of genius? What is the Genius Process? And can I become a genius for real?

These and many other questions are answered by Dr Hartmann in this concise introduction to real genius.

Posted Oct 16, 2014

Halloween Spells For Real Witches

Are you a real witch? A truly magcal person, for whom magic is very real because you can feel it tingling in your fingertips, shooting up your spine, setting your heart and soul alight?

If so, what to do with Halloween? Here is an idea for you ...

Posted Oct 13, 2014

Sunrise Poem: Morning Light

Silvia Hartmann's sunrise "poem" Morning Light.

Posted Oct 13, 2014

Closure - How To Get Closure For Real

"I need closure!" is a term many people use to describe their desire to "get over it" and to be able to live their lives normally again, to have a future again, and, most importantly, to NOT BE IN CONSTANT EMOTIONAL PAIN any longer.

Posted Oct 2, 2014

Wood Textures - Seamlessly Repeating Wood Images

Wood Textures - Seamlessly Repeating Wood Images

Posted Sep 13, 2014

August 2014 - Newsletter

With the end of summer in sight and September nearly upon us, our minds are once again focusing towards goals and the future. Whether that future is with our children, or our own personal and professional goals, DragonRising are on hand to give us the tools to accomplish them...

In this issue:

Posted Aug 27, 2014

Fire Poem Fire Bright

Fire bright, fire bright, what story do you sing tonight?

Posted Aug 24, 2014

Summer Bank Holiday Bundles - Save 50%

We're very much looking forward to the Summer Bank Holiday in the UK this Monday, and to celebrate we are offering not one, not two, but 3 big bundles of Energy Hypnosis albums with 50% off the regular retail price!

Read on for full details and how to order...


Posted Aug 22, 2014

Vellum Background Tiles

Vellum and vellum paper background seamless repeating tiles & fills in gold, blue, natural, near white and including transparent pngs of vellum - arrived new from our art partner.

Posted Aug 18, 2014

Bereavement Pain - How To Heal The Pain Of Bereavement

Bereavement pain is the strongest and most painful of all human emotions. And like all human emotions, bereavement pain makes no sense at all - unless you bring the energy system, the true Factor X of the human condition, into the equation.

Bereavement pain isn't in the head - it is an ACTUAL FELT PAIN that comes in waves and can be totally debilitating.

Posted Aug 8, 2014

Saving An Aspect - The Child In The Dark Closet

It is true that people carry their events on their sleeve - people bring their events, good, bad, unknowable, missing or absent, along with them wherever they go, and if someone will listen, the events are right there to be dealt with, quickly and directly.

Here is a case of "conversational energy work" - a lady who had been in therapy for 30 years - and no-one thought to save an aspect who was suffering in darkness still: The Child In The Closet

Posted Aug 8, 2014

EmoTrance Crystal Energy Workshop - Free!

It's conference time again - and many of our friends can't make it to the Europa to take part in the wonderful experience that is the EmoTrance conference. Other energy conferences try to be very scientific - with EmoTrance, we just want to have fun and a good time, playing with the many ways in which you can feel like a million dollars when your energy system wakes up and comes to life.

We thought about what we can do so people aren't sitting at home all sad and disappointed, so here is a gift for everyone - a lovely Crystal Energy workshop with all the exercises from ET09 to do by yourself, with friends or as a paying workshop - Enjoy!

Posted Jul 30, 2014

EmoTrance For Pet Loss, Grief & Pet Bereavement

The grief, sadness and pain that some  people experience when their pet, their beloved companion dies, is a prime example of where the old ways of failing to understand how emotions really work has let us down. Thankfully, EmoTrance takes a completely different attitude to all emotional pain, including the pain of pet loss and pet bereavement.

Posted Jul 30, 2014

Aromatherapy 4 Anxiety - 4 Useful Essential Oils

A study at the Medical University of Vienna finds that the two aromatherapy essential oils they studied, Orange and Lavender, reduce anxiety.

There are two other aromatherapy oils I often recommend for reducing anxiety, one works particularly well with reducing anxiety in children.

Posted Jul 28, 2014

Healing With Radiant Love - BeauTy T For Animals

BeauTy is a very powerful energy healing experience, for those who raise that energy and deliver it and those who receive it just the same.

Healing with radiant love and admiration, what we call BeauTy T for short, is one of the most amazing and powerful energy healing experiences you'll ever have.

Here is how to do it with YOUR animals.

Posted Jul 25, 2014

Fractal Images Backgrounds

Fractals are amazing images but actually very hard to tile successfully.

Here is a gallery of 21 seamless repeating background images based on some of my favourite fractals. Very colorful!

Posted Jul 22, 2014

July 2014 - Newsletter

Welcome to the July 2014 edition of the DragonRising newsletter

This month we're basking in the glorious summer sunshine, lying back on our deck chairs and reading The Energist: The AMT's new print magazine. We're also offering you 50% off Aromatherapy For Your Soul by Silvia Hartmann, which comes complete with the Magic Garden Meditation, the perfect pick-me-up for these lazy summer days.

In this issue:

Posted Jul 21, 2014

David Mitchell Publishes Story Live Online, Echoing Silvia Hartmann's The Dragon Lords

In 2012, DragonRising's Silvia Hartmann became the first author to write a full length novel live online, with thousands of people watching every keystroke, every word, every chapter come to life.

Since then, many authors have begun to do similar online stunts to help promote their work. The latest is none other than 2-time Booker Prize short-listed author David Mitchell, who's best known work Cloud Atlas has sold millions of copies worldwide and is now a feature film starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry.

Posted Jul 16, 2014

Summer Sale - Highlights

As you may know our summer of savings is well underway, with the Great DragonRising Summer Sale taking place right now in our store. Click here to shop, where you'll receive up-to 75% off everything. Yes, everything!

Today we thought we'd share with you some of the highlights of the sale, which many of our customers have already taken advantage of. Whether you're looking for a book on a healing modality you'd like to explore, a soothing meditation to take you to a peaceful new realm, or a distance learning course to give you first-rate knowledge and a recognised qualification, we've got something for you.

Sorry - This Sale Has Now Ended

Posted Jul 11, 2014