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Introducing GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professional by Silvia Hartmann

For the last few weeks there have been lots of anticipation and rumours circulating, so today it gives us great pleasure to announce and confirm that:

  • Silvia Hartmann (author of Energy EFT, Energy EFT Foundation, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, EMO, Project Sanctuary) is currently developing a brand new flagship tapping course for the GoE.
  • This new course is called GoE Modern Energy Tapping Professional, or abbreviated to MET Pro.
  • Silvia Hartmann has agreed to present the inaugural preview training straight after the GoE Energy Conference 2017 - Mon 13th to Wed 15th November 2017 - so we can professionally record it for future generations of practitioners and trainers.
  • The official launch of the MET Pro training is 18th June 2018 so we’ve got plenty of time to phase in the new course, prepare support materials and publish translations.
  • Energy EFT Foundation is to be available re-branded to Modern Energy Tapping Foundation, abbreviated to MET Foundation.
  • Energy EFT Foundation and Energy EFT Master Practitioner to remain 100% supported (and loved) by the GoE so you’re not required to retrain, practise or teach MET Foundation or MET Pro.

Posted Aug 9, 2017

Celebrate World Energy Day with The GoE!

Every year on the 8th August we celebrate World Energy Day, the day we stop for five minutes and just reflect on how how far we've all come since learning about and experiencing all the wonders and joy of Modern Energy!

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Posted Aug 8, 2017

Are you Eastbourne bound? - 100 days til the GoE Energy Conference!

In only 100 days energists from all over the world will gather in the picturesque English seaside town of Eastbourne for our HUGE celebration of all things Modern Energy, the GoE Energy Conference!

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Posted Aug 3, 2017

The Modern Energy Colour Exercise

Some people hate pink and others are scared of black. Ruby red can be frightening, or a real turn on. With this beautiful modern energy exercise, clear away shields, energy blockages and make friends with all the colours of the rainbow - they're all ENERGY. x

Posted Jul 29, 2017

Dr Eric Robins on EMO Energy In Motion

GoE Trainer and experienced urologist and surgeon Dr Eric Robins has released a YouTube video entitled "25 Years of Mind Body Healing: What I Wish I Knew Back Then" which amongst other techniques, he expresses his praises for Silvia Hartmann's powerful modern energy healing technique; EMO Energy In Motion (formerly EmoTrance).

Watch the video...

Posted Jul 26, 2017

Art & Energy: Paint With Passion!!!

On an art group, a struggling artist asked, "What should I paint? What sells the best? Subject? Canvas size? Media? Colours? Style? Please help for I am desperate to sell something ...

Posted Jul 21, 2017

Sally Canning

It was with great sadness that we learned the news that Sally Canning, a long term member of The GoE family, had passed away on the 19th July (2017).

Posted Jul 21, 2017

Top 5 Snooker & Pool App Games for Android 2017

Here is five of the top snooker and pool apps available for Android in 2017!

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Posted Jul 17, 2017

Master Of Modern Energy Art MEA M

Announcing the first official apprenticeship in Modern Energy Art - a 12 month program with the creator of Modern Energy, Silvia Hartmann, leading to the GoE recognition as "Master of Modern Energy Art." Successful participants will have learned how to create original works of Modern Energy Art across the modalities, how to use Modern Energy Art for healing, advancement and reality creation; how to explain and teach Modern Energy Art, and will be able to sell their work in the Modern Energy Art Gallery.

Please Note: This course is full for 2017. To register interest for 2018, please contact The Goe.

Posted Jul 17, 2017

Welcome New GoE Members - June 2017

Congratulations to all the new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications over the last month. June was a big month for The GoE, as the first ever 7 day Modern Energy Trainers were certified, right here in Eastbourne, UK. Sandra Hillawi granted certifcation to Dieter, Donna, Helen, Katerina, Wendy and Andrew and we send them extra special congratulations, and look on with huge excitement to what they go on to do next.

Posted Jul 14, 2017

What Is Modern Energy Art?

What is Modern Energy Art? Modern Energy Art explained.

Posted Jul 13, 2017

Silvia Hartmann Energy Art Apprenticeship Program

Starting 1st September 2017, Silvia Hartmann will begin working with a small number of apprentices for a one year course in Modern Energy Art.

The artists will have a highly personalised course, but will cover design, painting, digital art, sculpture and photography along the way. Depending on the artist, it may also involve other modalities such as music, song, story telling, writing, poetry, etc.

Please Note: This course is full for 2017. To register interest for 2018, please contact The Goe.

Posted Jul 11, 2017

GoE Energy Conference - Three Months To Go!

In just three months time, the 2017 GoE Energy Conference will be once again returning to Eastbourne UK, bigger and better than ever!

This annual much loved event is the place for all GoE professionals, coaches and personal development enthusiasts to learn new Modern Energy techniques, discover new ideas and connect with other energists.

We are excited that this is going to be our first conference for GoE members only. If you need to purchase a years membership then you can do this easily alongside your conference tickets and there is a free bonus available too.

See the new energy conference website for full details!

Posted Jul 11, 2017

GoE Distance Learning EFT & Energy Courses - Sign Up Week

Monday, 10th July 2017 marks the beginning of a new Sign Up Week for official GoE Tapping & Modern Energy distance learning courses, written by Silvia Hartmann on subjects including:



Next Signup Week

The next signup week will be in September 2017. Sign up to the GoE newsletter for up-to-date information.

Discounts for GoE Members

To claim your GoE member discount on distance learning courses (Standard Members 10%, Professionals 15%, Trainers 20%), contact the office:

Posted Jul 11, 2017

Can A Mens Go To Antarctica?

Sometimes, a project just arrives like rain falling from a clear blue sky. This is one of those projects.

Can a Mens go to Antarctica ...?

Posted Jul 9, 2017

7 Energy Remedies

Energy remedies, magic energy potions, energy anti-venom, positive energy - here are the 7 Energy Remedies for energy body problems.

Use the 7 Energy Remedies game for healing and evolution by yourself, as often as you like, or play with friends, family and paying clients.

Art + Energy = MAGIC. Smile

Posted Jul 7, 2017

GoE Trainer of the Month - June 2017

Congratulations to Sandra Hillawi for winning "GoE Trainer of the Month" in June 2017!

Also congratulations to our runners up:

This is the first time this year we've had all three top trainers come from the UK!

Posted Jul 4, 2017

Which Type Of Gambling Fits Your Snooker Personality?

We all know that there are plenty of different playing styles when it comes to snooker, with every type of player taking a subtly different approach to the game that suits their personality the most. Coming from an online gambling background, we know that the same holds true for the personalities of gamblers, with different playing styles being attracted to different games.

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Posted Jun 23, 2017

World-first brain scan research shows 'tapping' effective in combating food cravings

Early findings from a world-first study aimed at scientifically proving a simple 'tapping' technique have shown the method is effective in reducing food cravings.

Bond University Clinical Psychologist, Associate Professor Peta Stapleton led the research into Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘tapping’, which is used to treat a number of conditions including chronic pain, obesity, anxiety and stress.

Posted Jun 16, 2017

EFT reduces Anxiety and Depression

A study published in the Journal of Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice, has studied the effectiveness of psychological interventions in treating secondary psychological outcomes of obesity. Comparing Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Results revealed that EFT is capable of producing reductions in anxiety and depression symptoms, and is comparable to gold standard approaches such as CBT.

Posted Jun 13, 2017